technical due diligence and audit

Technical due diligence

and audit

Assisting real estate investors to purchase property with confidence.

business Challenge

Today’s property market is changing. Buildings are getting bigger, and their design increasingly complex. The subsequent increase in Health, Safety & Environment regulations, with stricter and more complicated standards, is a real challenge for real estate investors. They need to make sure that all building assets comply with these regulations in order for their transactions to be carried out smoothly and without problems - within the right timing, and with property being valued at the right price.

Our Offer

What is Technical Due Diligence?

The aim of Technical Due Diligence is to facilitate property transactions by making sure that the buildings involved meet relevant local Health & Safety and Environmental regulations. This is achieved through visual inspections of all potential risk areas, with clients being advised on which areas need immediate action in order to ensure compliance, and which ones require a more detailed audit.

What are the key benefits?

  • Avoid unexpected costs by identifying noncompliance issues early
  • Help determine the most cost effective methods of repair in cases of noncompliance
  • Benefit from step-by-step guidance throughout the process