construction material testing and assessment

Construction material

testing and assessment

Bureau Veritas Laboratories, a subsidiary owned by the Bureau Veritas Group, carries out tests, analyses and expertise on materials for most of the leading markets: aeronautics, space, defense, energy, automotive, rail, oil and gas, industrial equipment and construction products.

Tests and expert opinions carried out in the laboratory validate and provide proof of the performance of materials and manufacturing processes. This proof is essential to ensure the resistance and durability of parts and equipment to their final use.


The industry is very demanding in terms of quality and performance. It is imperative to be able to justify the materials and processes used to customers and to control all aspects of them at all stages of life: design, procurement, operation, maintenance, and recycling.

It is therefore imperative to be able to count on a long-term and recognized partner laboratory to ensure that the confidence of cutting-edge markets is maintained and that its products are marketed.


Bureau Veritas Laboratories' knowledge of materials combined with its knowledge of industrial challenges and requirements make it an independent partner and technical support to support industrial success. Bureau Veritas laboratories are designed to meet customer requirements from unit testing to mass production monitoring controls. For the latter, if necessary, the laboratories organize production in project mode in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, and in constant contact with his production and delivery requirements.

Bureau Veritas Laboratories has a set of recognitions (approvals from the major principals in the industry, certifications, and accreditations) which are the assurance and proof of the quality of the services provided.